Invicta Grand Diver 14652

The Invicta Grand Diver 14652 Men’s Watch is a men’s automatic watch with a stainless steel case and also an analog display. It’s perfect for the man who has finally discovered his bliss and wants to explore the world.

Check out 10 Facts About the Invicta Grand Diver 14652 Men's Watch: 

1. The Invicta Grand Diver 14652 watch is an original model. The model is part of a larger collection that includes several other categories of watches. 

2. The case measures 54 millimeters in diameter and also includes 15 millimeters in thickness. Because of the massive design, this Invicta watch appears considerably larger than it is, especially on average-sized wrists.

3. The Invicta Grand Diver watch has an analog display and also a magnified date window at 3 o’clock on the dial.

4. The material of choice for this watch model is stainless steel. It has no plating or coating and is meant to last for the long haul, which means that it will stand up to everyday use and abuse, even if you are using it for activities that involve immersion in water like swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. 

5. The Invicta Grand Diver 14652 watch has a series of features that make it stand out from other models. These include: 

 Unidirectional Bezel- This is a rotating ring that can be pressed to help you keep track of elapsed time while snorkeling, diving, or doing another sport. The bezel goes both ways, which means that if you are counting down from 30 minutes, for example, you can do so until the minute hand is aligned with the mark on the bezel. 

Date Window- It lets you know what day of the week it is at a glance.

Water-Resistant Case Construction – The case is built of metal and sealed with waterproofing gaskets to provide complete protection against water damage.

Mineral Crystal Resistant to Scratches – The mineral crystal is a clear coating used to preserve the dial. It is also scratch-resistant, which means that you do not have to worry about scratches and dings on the Grand Diver model.

Quartz Movement – The watch’s movement is quartz and does not require batteries to operate. You will never have to worry about forgetting to wind it or winding it up too much. It works without fail, making it a convenient watch for everyday use. 

6. It is imperceptible to the naked eye, but it is there, so you do have to be careful. 

7. Thus, if you are looking for a watch that you can use while on an adventure, this is a good model to look into. 

8. It is unique in its design, making it stand out from other similar watch brands. You see, this brand truly believes in men and women who are adventurous, daring, and self-reliant, so it makes sense to design a watch based on their values. 

9. The Invicta Grand Diver watch is one of the most popular automatic watches in its particular model series. It has received positive reviews from people across the world. This watch has a sober aesthetic because its designers gave careful consideration to how useful and long-lasting it would be.

10. While it is an original design, it is not hard to duplicate this watch.

11. You are going to love wearing this model watch on summer days. It makes a statement, allowing you to be comfortable on warm summer days at the beach or on your yacht when water activities are part of your daily life.

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