Invicta Pro Diver INV8932

Nowadays, there’s a new watch in town—The Invicta Pro Diver INV8932 Men’s Watch is a sleek and sophisticated timepiece that boasts a full-featured Swiss automatic movement so confident it doesn’t need batteries while never ceasing to show your innate worth as an opponent—erm… someone with taste and sense of style.

An Invicta Pro Diver watch is made from different kinds of materials, like titanium and stainless steel. This particular model is made from stainless steel. The Invicta Pro Diver is at the top of the list of men’s watches in terms of water resistance. It can withstand winds up to 200 meters, keeping you afloat and protecting your wrist from rough waves.

The design is simple yet eye-catching. The Invicta watch band has a tautness that makes it as stiff as the blowback on a high-caliber pistol. That’s good for its resilience and for your wrist’s health in the long run. The date window at 3 o’clock also comes in handy, so you don’t need to remember birthdays anymore. As expected, the watch has a scratch-resistant and clear window made of Flame Fusion Crystal.

The Invicta Pro Diver INV8932 watch has a crown that is a pull-push for security and water resistance. The watch band has a deployment clasp, so you can take it off with comfort and ease for fast re-assembly. It also means that you can wear the watch hands-free without worrying about the chances of losing it or leaving it somewhere on your desk at work.

The face is black, and the IP-fixed bezel is also black. That’s really good because if your intention is to embark on a journey of watch collecting, you might want to start with the more spartan versions. Then, as your horizons expand and you get more comfortable with purchasing a unique or special piece, there’s no reason why you can’t graduate to the intricacies of luxury timepieces. The mechanics necessary for such a feat are not too difficult to master, but having the right Invicta Pro Diver watch in your possession can serve as an excellent stepping stone.

The diameter of the case is 37.5 millimeters, and its thickness measures up to 13 millimeters. Overall, the Invicta Pro Diver INV8932 watch comes with a very comfortable strap on your wrist. It’s so light that you hardly notice it.

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