Invicta Specialty 12843 watch

This Invicta Specialty Chronograph 12843 Men’s Watch is one of the most reliable watches you can find on the internet. It’s a high-end watch with a number of technologies and features that are important for getting the most accurate time when using it.

To top it off, it comes at an affordable price. This is what makes this Invicta watch such a great purchase today!

This blog will help you learn more about this watch and how to get the most out of your next purchase.

Design and Features

For a long time, it was believed that the Japanese were the masters of watchmaking. That is, until Invicta introduced its stellar watch lineup. This watch has a high-quality Swiss quartz movement that helps the user get the most accurate time readings possible. In addition, the Invicta Specialty Chronograph 12843 Men’s Watch comes with several additional features and technologies that help increase its functionality. It is perfectly made to fit your wrist comfortably and let you do most of your things without any trouble.

Chronograph Function

The chronograph function is a very useful feature of this watch. In case you were wondering what a chronograph is, it’s used to measure time in seconds, minutes, and hours. This makes it easy for you to know how much time has elapsed since you started the clock or how much of your day is left (how many hours and minutes).

Case Back

The case back of the watch is made of stainless steel, which serves as a protective shield against the wetlands and tears it may receive in its lifetime. The stainless steel material also adds to the overall style that you can look forward to.


The crystal is a window into the movement of the watch. The Flame Fusion crystal’s scratch-resistant instant feature makes it an appealing watch crystal. Because of its quality and durability, the crystal layer is also used to make glass scratch-resistant.


The case of the watch is made of stainless steel. This kind of material provides you with a durable and aesthetically pleasing case that will withstand the test of time. Additionally, The diameter of the case is 45mm, and the thickness is 12mm.


The band of this watch is made of a stainless steel bracelet with a black IP centre link. The stainless steel material is well known for its durability and great wear resistance, which makes it a preferred choice for watch bands.


Additionally, this watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters. This makes it possible for people who are diving in the ocean to use this watch. It comes with a strap clasp. Fold over the clasp to make re-clasping easy and less time-consuming. It is equipped with a fine Swiss quartz movement, which is accurate and reliable.


Overall, the Invicta Men’s Specialty Chronograph 12843 Watch will be a great investment for anyone looking to buy a new watch today. It has everything you need, from everyday wear to a workout companion, as well as something to show off at parties or fancy events. This is a great choice for those who want to buy an affordable watch that will last longer than the usual suspects.

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